New to Virtualization?


  • Some videos that can get you started:

Short instructional videos by VMware Education Services

  • VMware vSphere Documentation can be found here
  • VMware vSphere 5.0 Basics
  • Download VMware Player or Workstation to get started with virtualization, then when you’re ready to start using vSphere there are lot of resources here:

Download VMware vSphere with Operations Management Evaluation – Free Managed Virtualization for 60 Days

  • Download VMware Workstation from here
  • Try VMware fusion from here
  • Free VMware tools from vSphere-land
  • Netapp ONTAP 8 Simulator for vSphere can be downloaded from here
  • Free VMware ESXi Download here

    Build your own home lab

  • Links that help you build a home lab for getting hands-on experience:

Building the ultimate vSphere Lab

VMware vCloud “In A Box” for Your Home Lab

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