How to install Android Nougat on VMware Workstation 14 Pro

I’ve been writing a blog post on how to install Android on on VMware Workstation every time a new version of Android is released.

In this blog post I am going to show you how to install Android nougat on VMware Workstation 14 Pro.

Below are the links for downloading VMware Workstation and the Android installable file from Android x86 project.

Android x86 download :

VMware Workstation 14 Pro download : link

Once you have the workstation install done downloaded, you can follow The below steps to create a virtual machine and install the app Android operating system.

First is to create the virtual machine using the custom wizard.

Leave the default settings for the virtual machine hardware compatibility version

We now need to point the virtual machine to use the Android x86 ISO that we have downloaded from the Android x86 project page

Give a name to the virtual machine

Choose the number of processes and the cores per processor

Choose the amount of memory you want to assign to the virtual machine since this is an Android operating system we can assign anywhere between 512 MB to 2 GB

Choose the network type. Leave it default if you are unsure what the setting has to be

Choose the SCSI controller. Use the recommended one if you are unsure

Select the Disk type. Used recommended option if you are unsure

Create a new virtual disk for the virtual machine

Specify the disk capacity this can be anywhere between 5 GB to 20 GB

The virtual machine is ready for installation of Android operating system. One last step that has to be performed is to click on customise hardware and choose the display display settings and enable 3D graphics. This is very important for the Android Operating System to run failing which the operating system will be stuck at the boot screen

The actual installation of the operating system begins. Click on installation once you see the below screen

Create a new partition

Select No for GPT

The next task is to create the partition. First create a new partition then make it a bootable disk and write the partition into the table

Choose the partition that was just created to install the Android operating system

Choose the EXT4 for partition type

Install the GRUB bootloader

The installation of the Android Operating System begins

Once the operating system has been installed click on Run the Android x86 OS

The Android operating system installation is complete

Let the testing begin!

For those who feel it is easier to follow a video tutorial, I have also made a recording the whole installation.

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    1. try this
      1. reboot after installation
      2. press E twice when you see the boot menu
      3. input ” nomodeset”(without quotation marks, start with a space), hit enter
      4. press B

  1. Never works for me either. Plus the instructions are incomplete. If I find something better I will post it in a reply since the author is not responding to anything here.

  2. How do you install VMware Tools for Android Nougat? The instructions at VMware are nothing but pure gibberish, and don’t tell you how to install it specifically in Android 7.1.2! I need a step-by-step graphic or text presentation like what I see here.

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