A day well spent at vForum Bangalore

As part of the ongoing vForum Road show 2015, today it was Bangalore’s turn to host the event. This year the event was organised at five locations (Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune) across India. This is one of those events which brings all the VMware enthusiasts, partners and customers under one roof so they can connect and discuss what’s happening with virtualization, cloud computing and in the IT industry. Currently the vForum and the VCP club meet are the only events that bring this kind of opportunity to people here in the India region.

The day started with the CIO of wipro talking about his views on where the virtualization and IT industry is heading. Since it was a one day event, most of the sessions were introductory sessions and not deep dive ones. The agenda was planned in such a way that the breakout sessions were placed after lunch so people stayed alert and awake after ;)

The “Driving business mobility with Airwatch and VMware Identity” session was the highlight of the day (For me) as the speaker spoke about how Airwatch and VMware are working towards delivering the next gen applications to end users independent of the devices they own and the operating system they run and also giving them the flexibility to use multiple cloud platforms. The session also covered how this is done in a secured way. The demos that popped up in between the slides gave it better value as the users could see this happening live. Coming from the SDDC background this was definitely a great session for someone who is new to the EUC  mobility topic.

The other standout session was about vRealize Automation (vRA, Formerly called vCAC) and how it solves pain points in IT with its multi-hypervisor management capability. This was another introductory/fundamentals session to the vRA as the audience were mostly administrators and sales folks. It was nevertheless an informative session as the speaker covered some bits related to the new enhancements in vRA 7 and also spoke about what is in the road-map for vRA.

There were other sessions on vSphere, VSAN and vROPs which I could not attend (As they coincided with my other two sessions) but I’m sure they were good too. All in all, it was a great experience to see that more and more people are making it for these kind of events and sharing their experiences with others and at the same time gaining more knowledge by learning what’s new in the industry so they can stay focused and do what they do best.

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