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It is that time of the year again when all the readers of all the popular/informative blogs are asked to choose their favorite top bloggers who provide them valuable information throughout the year.

The easiest way one can find information about VMware products and their features/issues/uses etc are all through blogs. All the bloggers share their views and their learning, both good and bad, with their readers so it will help someone somewhere who will go through the same scenario someday.

It is not an easy job to be a blogger. I’m one and i know how much patience it takes to compose a blog with all the right information so the readers get nothing but good information. It takes hours of our time to get the content ready and it has to go through multiple reviews before its published. But some of us love to do that. love to share information which we think people out their need it. So this is a nice opportunity to recognize all the bloggers for all the effort they put in for all the content they produced in the previous year.

I would like to thank Eric Siebert for making this possible and for all his efforts since 2008, which is when the top vblog contest started.As a blogger i understand the level of commitment that is needed to run a site like And he has done a wonderful job.

This year’s sponsor in Infinio Systems who are also one of the sponsors of Needless to say, they are wonderful people who are looking for every opportunity to help the people in VMware community. Thanks to them for making this year’s contest more interesting by providing the budget for creation of  custom commemorative coin.

If you feel has helped in any way please do vote for my blog.

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