EMC Certified Cloud Architect (EMCCA) Certification experience

EMC Certified Cloud Architect (EMCCA) is a certification track designed for cloud architects and design experts to understand the concepts of virtualization and also how to help an organization in it’s journey from virtualization to cloud to It-as-a-service.

I agree with every word EMC uses to define who cloud architects are

Cloud Architects deliver virtualization and cloud designs based on business strategies encompassing all key technical domains such as compute, storage, networking, and applications. They specialize in designing virtualized infrastructure or develop expertise in designing IT as a Service.

Source : https://education.emc.com/guest/campaign/CloudArchitect/default.aspx

I had the opportunity to attend the two courses, Virtualized Datacenter and cloud Infrastructure Design and also IT-as-a-Service. The courses are very well designed and all the topics are closely crafted together to make sure ones knows all the concepts when it comes to architecture of a cloud.

The certification track is of three levels. An Associate level, a Specialist level and an expert level. One good thing about EMC certifications is that if you are certified on EMCISA (EMC Certified information Storage Associate) you will not be needed to take up the associate level exams in any certification track. EMCCA Experience 1

Source : https://education.emc.com/guest/certification/framework/ca/default.aspx

So all I had to do was write the specialist level exam. The course that is bound to the specialist level exam is the Virtualized Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Planning and Design. This particular course helps an architect to plan, design, and migrate a traditional data center to Virtualized Data Center (VDC) and cloud infrastructures.

The topics that are covered in the course include:

The Virtualized Data Center (VDC) and the Cloud
VDC and Cloud Architectural Components – Applications
Governance, Risk and Compliance
VDC and Cloud Architectural Components — Compute
VDC and Cloud Architectural Components – Storage
VDC and Cloud Architectural Components – Network
Introduction to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The detailed course contents and topics can be found at EMC link below

Exam Blueprint : https://education.emc.com/content/_common/docs/exam_descriptions/E20-018_Virtualized_Infrastructure_Specialist_Exam_for_Cloud_Architects.pdf

The instructor led training helped a lot and also did a lot of study for almost a month before I booked and appeared for the exam. One of the resources that helped me a lot was the online assessment EMC has. It’s like one of those mock exams which tell you how the exam is going to be and what kind of questions can be expected. The link for assessment exam is here.

All in all it is a brilliantly tailored course for all the cloud architects and I strongly recommend this course if you are one of those who work on cloud infra design day in and day out. Also the exam is also well designed to test one’s knowledge on their understanding of VDC and cloud technologies.

My next goal is to take up the It-as-a-Service exam and  share my experience with everyone once i’m successful at it. Until then, stay tuned. Subscribe to the blog and enjoy all the technology related posts.

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