Updating vCloud Application Director license in 5 simple steps

vCloud Application Director (vCAD) is a VMware product which helps in building application blueprints for deployments on cloud. It comes as part of vCloud Suite and can be licensed based on OSI model or per core if one’s going with vCloud Suite licensing.

Unlike most of the VMware products, vCloud Application Director does not have an option on the GUI to update the license. If you own a perpetual license this would not bother you. If you own a lab where you get evaluation keys or license keys that are valid for a certain period, you will curse the product as it will take a while to figure out how to get this done.

I will now tell you 5 simple steps involved in updating vCloud Application Director license. Keep your license ready.

1. Open the vCAD console or connect through a SSH session to vCAD. Login using the darwin_user and su –  so you can switch to root user.

Updating AppD license 1

2. Navigate to /home/darwin/tools and type ls. You should be able to find a file darwin-license.jar.

Updating AppD license 2

3. Run the file using the command java -jar darwin-license.jar 

4. Enter the license. If your key is valid you will receive a confirmation that says the key is verified.

Updating AppD license 3

5. Reboot the vCAD Appliance.

This will get you going for another couple of months ;)

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