HOW TO : Access VMTN Community through your Android Mobile Device

In this blog post we will see how to access VMTN (VMware Technology Network) Community through your  Android Mobile Device.

As an active member of VMTN i always thought it would be nice if there was a way to access it when i was on the GO. I, as all of us do, google-d to see if there’s a way i could do it. There was very less information i got and nothing pointed me in the right direction (One of the reasons for writing this blog).

Then i gave up on the idea. Forgot about it for a while. Then one day while exploring through the options i found that there was a tab called “Mobile”  in my “Edit Preferences“. This again woke up the curiosity in me.

After a lot of trial and error i got it all figured out and working. So here, in this blog i will show the steps involved in configuring your mobile device to access VMTN Community.

Some of the Pre-requisites to access the community on mobile phone  are:

1. You need to have a user account with the community (MyVMware Account)

2. An Android Phone ;)

Login into your account and go to your Account main page.

On the Right Sidebar you will find Edit preferences.

VMTN Community on Phone 1


Once you select it You will get the the General Preferences and Mobile Settings.

Click on “Mobile” Tab.

VMTN Community on Phone 2


Once you Select it. You will be prompted to Enter a device name for your Android device so that you can get an activation code.

Enter a Name.

VMTN Community on Phone 3

Once you have entered a Name, Click on Get Activation Code.

VMTN Community on Phone 4


This will generate a Activation Code and a QR Code that is valid for 20 Minutes since you clicked on the get activation code link.

VMTN Community on Phone 5


Since the community on Mobile is supported on Jive software. You can go to Google Play store and download and install the Jive Software.

Now Open the Jive Software on your phone.

Once you open the software you will be prompted to enter a Community URL.

VMTN Community on Phone 7


Now Enter  and click  GO.

This will take you to the VMTN Community Page.

VMTN Community on Phone 8


Now click on  Login.

It will take you to a new window.

VMTN Community on Phone 9


Now Enter the Activation Code that  you obtained from the community.

Click Register.

VMTN Community on Phone 10


Now you are all set.

The Software gives you the capability of viewing your communications, followed activity and any recent Activity.

It will also let you update the status and start a Discussion.

VMTN Community on Phone 11


Enjoy being part of one of the Awesomest community that’s out there while you are on the go.

Thus we come to the end of our community over the phone journey.



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