How To Install and Configure vCenter Support Assistant -Part 2

In my previous post  How To Install and Configure vCenter Support Assistant -Part 1 we saw how to deploy the vCenter support Assistant Appliance.

In this second part we will see how to configure the support assistant to get integrated with vCenter so it can start collecting the d=information and do its thang ( Proactive monitoring).

After successful deployment of the Appliance you will have to  browser to http://<vCenter-support-Assistance-ip> which in our case is

vcenter support assistant 5.5 - 16


Log-in into the Appliance with the username as “Root” and Password “vmware

vcenter support assistant 5.5 - 17


Check the box that says “I Understand and consent to vCenter Support Assistant’s Privacy terms and conditions above” (Make sure you read the conditions).

Now lets jump in into the configuration part.

vcenter support assistant 5.5 - 18


In the first step, Enter the Lookup service address. This is needed register  with lookup service.

vcenter support assistant 5.5 - 19


Now it gets the certificate for the vcenter. Take a look at it and proceed.

vcenter support assistant 5.5 - 20


Enter the SSO Administrator credentials so Support Assistant can go ahead and create the users and groups.

vcenter support assistant 5.5 - 21


Now the vCenter has to be authorized by providing the administrator credentials as shown in the above screenshot.

vcenter support assistant 5.5 - 22


If there is proxy between your server and the internet, this is where you specify all the details for it.

vcenter support assistant 5.5 - 23


Enter the contact details which will receive monthly summary email with remaining and resolved alrets.

vcenter support assistant 5.5 - 24


That completes the configuration of the vCenter Support Assistant. If needed you can enable Log gathering which will help you identify issues using logs.

Now login into your vSphere web client to see if the vCenter Support Assistant is registered with the web client under support.

vcenter support assistant 5.5 - 25


You can further specify what events to be monitored and lot of other things.

This brings us to our conclusion of the How-to blog posts on vCenter support assistant. As i said in my earlier posts, this is a really good tool for VMware environment which will take care of the tedious task of doing the manual work of creating an SR and so on.

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