Creating an IP Pool for vFabric Hyperic Server

While deploying vFabric hyperic server one needs to specify IP addresses for both Hyperic server and also Hyperic database.

These IP’s need to be reserved for hyperic. It will also throw a warning during deployment as shown below.


Most of us forget to do what is mentioned here and end up with an error which says:

Power On virtual machine vFabric_Hyperic_Server Cannot initialize property ‘vami.netmask0.vFabric_Hyperic_Server’.

Network ‘VM Network’ has no associated network protocol profile

So lets see what all steps are involved in the process of creating an IP Pool.

  • Click your Datacenter object
  • Go to the “IP Pools” tab
  • Click “Add”


This will open a dialog box where you will need to enter some details.


  • Fill the required details:
    1. Enter the name of the Pool as vFabric_Hyperic
    2. Subnet: which network will be used and what is the mask?
    3. Enter the details of the gateway for the subnet used.
    4. Specify a range, the format is “″, this would include and depends on what IP you have assigned in your environment)
    5. Tick the “Enable IP Pool” check box.
  • Enter other information
    1. Fill out the DHCP,DNS and proxy details if and when required.


  • Click on the “Associations” Tab and associate it to a network which was selected to deploy the vfabric hyperic server.


Once this is done, Click OK and get back to your hyperic server and power it back on.

Now it should power on without any issues.

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