License has expired on xx/xx/xxxx error on vCAC 5.1 Self-Service Portal

I was upgrading vCAC license yesterday and came across this weird issue. I was using a vCAC Evaluation key and it expired. So i got hold of another license which was valid for a couple more days.

Now i went to the documentation page(installation guide in particular) to see the steps for updating the license for vCAC 5.1. The steps that have to be followed are:

1. Copy the new license file to the location of the existing license, with the same name—that is,
vCAC_server_install_directorylic.xml.—overwriting the existing license.
Note: Do not delete the existing license first.
Once you have replaced the license file as above, vCAC automatically detects the new license
file and updates your license.
2. If your previous license was invalid or expired, you must reload the license after updating the
license file.
a. Start the vCAC console as a user in the vCAC administrator role.
b. Select vCAC Administrator > License Info.
c. Click Reload License.

I followed the exact steps and updated the license. To confirm it gives a warning on my main portal stating that i’m using an evaluation key which is totally fine ( it used to annoy me at first but i’m over it now). Also did reset of IIS, restarted services and rebooted the machine.

Now to my surprise, when i try to provision a VM from self service portal It says my license has expired. My guess at first was that i have uploaded a key which did not include the Self-service feature.

But i confirmed that the license actually supports it. I have followed all the steps given in the official documentation perfectly and it should work right?

After a day of pointless googling and disappointment i finnaly figured the fix. When i went to %SystemDrive%Program Files (x86)DynamicOpsSelf-Service Portal  i found that there was a lic.xml file there too. And then i replaced it with the new license.  And it started working. I was able to provision machine again.

So if you have vCAC 5.1 and are trying to update the license, You should not only change it in %SystemDrive%Program Files (x86)DynamicOpsDCAC Server  but you should also do it in the Self-Service Portal folder.

I don’t think this is an issue now with vCAC 5.2 as you can update the license on the portal itself.

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