vSphere 5.5 : Upgrade vCSA from 5.1 to 5.5

In my last two posts i wrote about upgrading ESXi and vCD from 5.1 to 5.5.

In this post we will look at vCSA upgrade.

Download the vCSA from VMware download page : https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/downloads

Deploy the Virtual Center Server Appliance 5.5 OVF/OVA on your supported ESXi like you did with your vCSA 5.1.

After deploying the open your web browser and point it to https://<vCSA-ip>:5480. default username is root and password is vmware.

After logging in accept the EULA.


Choose the Upgrade from previous version and click Next


Copy the key from the Import this key into the source appliance field.

Now open the vCSA 5.1 on another tab of the browser bu pointing it to  https://<vCSA-ip>:5480

Navigate to upgrade Tab.4

Paste the key that was copied from vCSA 5.5 into the window and click import and stop vCenter Server


If the Key is valid and accepted it will give the below message.


This will in turn generate a upgrade key on vCSA 5.1.

Copy that and paste it on the “Paste the source appliance key to the field below” and click Next


If there are issues detected with your SSL certificates, select the Replace the SSL certificates option. You are prompted for SSO password for user administrator@vsphere.local.



Review the list of hosts managed by the source appliance and ensure that all hosts to be managed by the new appliance are selected.

Review the pre-upgrade check of the source appliance hosts and correct any errors before proceeding

Confirm that you have taken a backup or snapshot of the source appliance and the external database and click Next.


The new appliance shuts down the old appliance and assumes the network identity of the old appliance. If the old appliance was configured to use dynamic addressing, the new appliance also uses dynamic addressing. When the import completes, the new vCenter Server Appliance starts.


When the upgrade completes, click Close. vCenter Server Appliance is now upgraded and the new appliance reboots.

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