VMware’s updated Certification Roadmap for 2015

I hear a lot of people complaining about ever changing names of VMware products. All the vCenter-centric products got renamed to vCloud and then to vRealize and the same might continue to happen in the upcoming versions. vSphere 6.0 was not the only new highlight of yesterday’s announcements. VMware has set the stage to revamp their certifications into a more matured and organised certification tracks(Not that the previous one wasn’t matured and organised before, but this one’s better). Keeping their

VMware product walk-through released with all new products and features

VMware has released the new product walk-through portal where one can find all the interesting things related to products and their features. This portal gives a really good technical overview of the products and their features for everyone who is interested in knowing what the products have to offer. It even gives you a clue on the kind of use case you can run to test/showcase the products. It will be very useful for most of the folks as this is

PaaS with vCloud Application Director(vCAD) 6.0 and vCAC 6.0

This series of posts which will take us through the process of achieving PaaS(Platform-as-a-Service) using VMware’s newly released vCloud Automation Center 6.0 and vCloud Application Director 6.0. NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology)Defines PaaS as: Platform as a Service (PaaS). The capability provided to the consumer is to deploy onto the cloud infrastructure consumer-created or acquired applications created using programming languages, libraries, services, and tools supported by the provider. The consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network,

How To Install and Configure vCenter Support Assistant -Part 2

In my previous post  How To Install and Configure vCenter Support Assistant -Part 1 we saw how to deploy the vCenter support Assistant Appliance. In this second part we will see how to configure the support assistant to get integrated with vCenter so it can start collecting the d=information and do its thang ( Proactive monitoring). After successful deployment of the Appliance you will have to  browser to http://<vCenter-support-Assistance-ip> which in our case is   Log-in into the Appliance with