Advertising on vPirate.in

vPirate.in is a virtualization and cloud computing blog having readers who are passionate virtualization enthusiasts and professionals from IT organizations across the globe.

It takes a lot of time, effort and cost to maintain the infrastructure and hosting that is behind this blog. These costs are all covered by the sponsored ads that go on this site. There are different packages that are offered as shown below. These packages are divided into different categories based on the period for which they will be shown on the site and also the offers they cover. Apart from the packages, sponsored posts/reviews will also be written which cost $300/review.

The stats regarding the visitors and page views will be provided upon request. The easiest way to request these details is through the contact page on the blog.


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The other slots that are available are for ad size 300 X 250 which would go on the sidebar and would cost $100/month.

An ad on the header with the banner size 728 X 90 would cost $150/month.