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CentOS minimal install using Vagrant and Virtualbox

I got introduced to vagrant when I was at the puppet training this month. An awesome tool that let’s you customize and deploy a vm on a provider like VMware workstation, oracle virtualbox etc. I will not go into the details

vCSA 6.0 deployment fails with ‘Firstboot script execution Error’

vCSA 6.0 is out and boy, is it awesome!! Best thing about the new version : its scalability. You can go upto almost 10,000 machines and manage them all using vCSA 6.0. If that isn’t awesome I don’t know what is

A chance to win a free pass from Infinio for this year’s VMworld 2015 US

Infinio systems, like every year, is handing a free pass for VMworld 2015 US this year to one lucky winner. This is a very good opportunity for those who are waiting to attend this year’s VMworld US which will be held

VMware Converter issue while converting a VM (V2V) onto a VC at destination

We spend a lot in planning our activities in DC migration projects. We make sure we have all the pre-requisites covered so that we don’t run into silly issues when we are finally doing that bit of converting a physical machine

How To Run Android Lollipop on VMware Workstation

The smartphone industry is evolving at a higher rate than ever. Everyone has a smartphone and it’s getting harder to live without one. In less than 10 years, smartphones have gone from a luxury to necessity. This evolution puts more pressure

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite blogger

It is that time of the year again when all the readers of all the popular/informative blogs are asked to choose their favorite top bloggers who provide them valuable information throughout the year. The easiest way one can find information about