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Upgrading from vCOPS 5.7.x to 5.8

vCOPS 5.8 was recently released with a lot of other products. In this blog post we will see the steps involved in upgrading from vCOPS 5.7.x to 5.8. Download the vCOPS Upgrade PAK file from here The PAK file is around 500Mb

VMware Disk mount Utility : Retrieve data present on VMDK

Lot of times people come to VMTN forums asking for a way to access their corrupt machine VMDK’s. Most of them would have stored some important data on their data disks and due to OS corruption the machine wouldn’t power on

Integrating Cisco UCS Manager with VMware vCenter

Have Cisco UCS Servers? Use Different management tools(UCS manager for cisco and vCenter for VMware) to manage the blades and your virtual environment? What if i say you can manage all your virtual and physical servers in a single management pane?

vCenter Chargeback 2.5 step-by-step Installation

VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager enables administrators to deliver IT as a service with a simple, flexible and accurate chargeback model. With vCenter Chargeback, create cost transparency and accountability so business owners and IT staff can understand the actual cost of the

vSphere 5.5 Basics : Installing ESXi 5.5

In this blog post we will take a look at the steps involved in installing ESXi 5.5. Before we start off with the actual steps, Mount the ESXi 5.5 ISO image onto the server and reboot it so the installer kicks

Configuring EMC VSI Plugin (Unified Storage Management) for VMware vSphere

In this blog post i will be looking at the steps involved in configuring the Unified storage management module of EMC VSI plugin for VMware vCenter. EMC Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) is the free vCenter plugin provided by EMC that extends