VCP Certification now comes with an Expiration Date

Yes, you heard it right. VCP Certifications now come with an Expiration Date. Just like all certifications(At least most of them in the industry),  VMware too, has decided to  impose an expiration date on all its VCP Certifications. All the Certifications that are already given out and will be given out will come with a “Valid Through” Attribute which will say till when you will be holding the certificate before it expires. You will see this message if you login into

How To Install and Configure vCenter Support Assistant -Part 2

In my previous post  How To Install and Configure vCenter Support Assistant -Part 1 we saw how to deploy the vCenter support Assistant Appliance. In this second part we will see how to configure the support assistant to get integrated with vCenter so it can start collecting the d=information and do its thang ( Proactive monitoring). After successful deployment of the Appliance you will have to  browser to http://<vCenter-support-Assistance-ip> which in our case is   Log-in into the Appliance with

vCloud Automation Center(vCAC) 6.0 – Part 1 – Deploy and configure the Identity Appliance

In these series of blog posts we will be discussing the implementation and configuration  of VMware’s latest release of vCloud Automation Center (vCAC), 6.0. The series will include Part 1 – Deploy and configure the Identity Appliance. Part 2 – Deploy and configure the vCloud Automation Center Appliance. Part 3 – Installing the IaaS Components. So lets begin by looking at the pre-requisites while we prepare for installation. vCloud Automation Center requires the system administrator to identify hosts using their

VMware Disk mount Utility : Retrieve data present on VMDK

Lot of times people come to VMTN forums asking for a way to access their corrupt machine VMDK’s. Most of them would have stored some important data on their data disks and due to OS corruption the machine wouldn’t power on which also makes the other data inaccessible. VMware Virtual machines store the data on .vmdk files which are the hard disk files. Many a times there will be a need to mount these files on host machine or some