Replacing default certificates in vSphere 6 – Part 1

We all know that SSL certificates enable secure communication between a browser and a web server. During the initial setup, all the VMware components are installed with self-signed certificates and it is a best practice to replace the default certificates with custom CA signed certificates. This process of replacing default certificates in vSphere 6 is very simple compared to the tedious process that was present in the previous versions of vSphere (5.1 and 5.5). To make it easier to follow,

5 reasons why ESXi embedded host client is awesome

The ESXi embedded host client is a fling developed by the folks at VMware labs, for accessing ESXi host over a web browser. The UI is built using HTML and is quite fast as compared to the flash based interface which was used by the host client released earlier with version 6.0 or the vSphere web client that is used today to access vCenter over the browser. Personally, I’m a big fan of C# client and never thought that any

Some VMworld 2015 US awesomeness

It’s been a busy month so far and I have not been able to write down all the good things about VMworld 2015. I got to attend the VMworld US this year and it was a wonderful experience. Since it was my first VMworld I was a little occupied with all the sessions, meetings and lot of other things and could not write blogs live during the event like all the pros did ;) So here I am, talking about