Some VMworld 2015 US awesomeness

It’s been a busy month so far and I have not been able to write down all the good things about VMworld 2015. I got to attend the VMworld US this year and it was a wonderful experience. Since it was my first VMworld I was a little occupied with all the sessions, meetings and lot of other things and could not write blogs live during the event like all the pros did ;) So here I am, talking about

vCSA 6.0 deployment fails with ‘Firstboot script execution Error’

vCSA 6.0 is out and boy, is it awesome!! Best thing about the new version : its scalability. You can go upto almost 10,000 machines and manage them all using vCSA 6.0. If that isn’t awesome I don’t know what is ;) When I initially deployed vCSA I ran into this error which said: After scratching my head for a while on why I ended up facing this error I realized that I had not resolved the hostname/FQDN on my

VMware’s updated Certification Roadmap for 2015

I hear a lot of people complaining about ever changing names of VMware products. All the vCenter-centric products got renamed to vCloud and then to vRealize and the same might continue to happen in the upcoming versions. vSphere 6.0 was not the only new highlight of yesterday’s announcements. VMware has set the stage to revamp their certifications into a more matured and organised certification tracks(Not that the previous one wasn’t matured and organised before, but this one’s better). Keeping their

vSphere 6.0 features : Content Library

One of the problems that always haunted the virtualization administrators was the management of content. Content in general includes VM templates, ISO images of OS and other software, VM related files and scripts. One of the best ways one could do this was to create a NFS share, make a datastore out of it, and keep all the data in a centralized manner which is accessible to all the ESXi hosts. But the problem was, how would you share this