VMware product walk-through released with all new products and features

VMware has released the new product walk-through portal where one can find all the interesting things related to products and their features. This portal gives a really good technical overview of the products and their features for everyone who is interested in knowing what the products have to offer. It even gives you a clue on…

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The vmx-10 Paradox

    Since the introduction of vmx-10 there has been a lot of debate on whether to use it or not. The  main shortcoming is that one cannot edit the settings of a Virtual Machine that is running on VM hardware version 10 (vmx-10) using the vSphere client. It can only be done using the…

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PaaS with vCloud – Part 5 : Registering vCloud Application Director to vCloud Automation Center

In this blog post we’ll see how to register vCloud Application Director to vCloud Automation Center. In our previous blog post we saw how to do the basic configuration of Application Director after doing the initial power on. When you register vCloud Application Director, you use the CLI to establish a connection between the vCloud Application Director environment and…

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