A workaround for the SSL certificate problem while deploying vagrant boxes

I recently ran into the SSL certificate problem while I was deploying a vagrant box in my lab. One of the easiest ways to deploy a vagrant box is to fetch the box directly form a third party website. This initializes and brings up the box on a local providers such as Oracle virtualbox or VMware workstation. It is a method that works when there is direct connectivity to the internet from the host running vagrant. This issue can be overcome by using an –insecure option if one is downloading

CentOS minimal install using Vagrant and Virtualbox

I got introduced to vagrant when I was at the puppet training this month. An awesome tool that let’s you customize and deploy a vm on a provider like VMware workstation, oracle virtualbox etc. I will not go into the details of explaining what it is and how it works because their documentation covers pretty much everything you need to know and get started. I was pretty impressed at first when i saw how it worked. Like most people I