Replacing default certificates in vSphere 6 – Part 3

This is the third blog post in the Replacing default certificates in vSphere 6 series. The first post can be found here. The second is here. In this bog post we will take a look at replacing the certificates on the External Platform Services Controller (PSC) server. Before we get into the details, let us make sure the external PSC is installed on a windows server. Select the vCenter for Windows option and install the external PSC. Since this is

My VCAP6-CMA Design (3V0-632) Beta Exam experience

I took my VCAP-CMA Design beta on the 11th of March, which was the last available day to sit for the exam. It was my first ever VCAP exam and my first ever beta, two firsts there. Ever since I started working on VMware technology and gradually moved to designing and implementing the cloud suite of products, I have always wanted to have a go at the advanced level certifications. What stopped me? The reason is that I did not

Cisco Champion and vExpert 2016 Results

Hello readers! It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post (almost 3 months) and there are several reasons why I couldn’t. I’ve been traveling a lot and have had the opportunity to  deliver a project in the land of gold souks (UAE) as part of my day job. This was followed by the end of the quarter, Christmas and new year. Happy new year to everyone BTW. Hope everyone has started their year with positive thoughts and the

A day well spent at vForum Bangalore

As part of the ongoing vForum Road show 2015, today it was Bangalore’s turn to host the event. This year the event was organised at five locations (Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune) across India. This is one of those events which brings all the VMware enthusiasts, partners and customers under one roof so they can connect and discuss what’s happening with virtualization, cloud computing and in the IT industry. Currently the vForum and the VCP club meet are the