vSphere 5.5 : Upgrading ESXi 5.1 to 5.5

VMware recently released vSphere 5.5. In this blog post I will explain the steps in upgrading ESXi 5.1 to ESXi 5.5. Before we start off its understood that the hosts has been prepared for upgrading by powering off/migrating the VM’s onto another host. Start off by mounting the ISO image on the Physical host and rebooting it.   Now the Installer will be loaded. choose the ESXi 5.5 Standard installer.   Once the ESXi Installer is chosen, the Installer loads

Get authorized by VMware before registering for a certification

All these years there were no strict rules that you have to finish authorized training and then get a VCP certification. You could go ahead and take up the certification and then finish the authorized training after which your certification would be complete. This was a wrong way of doing it but it was possible. After lot of announcements that came out in VMworld 2013, VMware certification also went through a lot of changes. Now there are a whole set

Hyperic agent installation on a windows machine

In this blog post we will see how to download and install Hyperic agent on a windows machine. Download the hyperic agent from the link  Run the installer     Click Next Enter the information of the hyperic server host Leave the port number as default if you haven’t made any changes while installing Hyperic Server     Enter the login information used to log in into hyperic or the account through which the hyperic agent talks to the hyperic

Manually deleting vCloud director network objects from MS-SQL database

I ran into some issues in my lab while trying to delete the entities like Org vDC, Edge gateways and Org Networks on vCloud Director(happens with all the versions) . I couldn’t delete the Org vDC as it was dependent on the Edge gateway. I couldn’t delete Edge Gateway as it was dependent on a routed Org Network. And Org Network would not get deleted . Things like this happen when vCD losses connectivity to vShield or some activities that are