NTP configuration error while deploying vRSLCM in VMware Cloud Foundation

In my previous blog post, I laid out the steps involved in deploying vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) using the SDDC Manager UI. There were a couple of issues that I ran into while deploying it and wanted to write up a quick blog post to document the workaround which might help others who run into similar issues.

The major one was the post deployment NTP configuration issue that stalled the deployment for a bit.

The issue : “Failed to configure NTP on virtual appliance <vrslcm-ip>

I did a bit of google search and ran into the a KB Article that talks about the NTP configuration for vRSLCM post deployment. I tried the steps and they did not help me but I will highlight the steps below as the first option.

Option 1

The timesyncd.conf is present at /etc/systemd. Edit the file, un-comment it if it is commented and then to update the NTP server. You can use the NTP server IP or the FQDN.

Restart the timesync-d service using the command “systemctl restart systemd-timesyncd”

Now run the command “timedatectl status” to get the time sync status. Check and make sure the line “NTP synchronized” says “yes“. If it says “no“, proceed to option 2.

Option 2

If the NTP issue still persists, login into the vCenter, Right click on vRLCM VM, navigate to VM Options-> VMware Tools and check the box “Synchronize guest time with host”

Now go back to the SDDC manager UI and run the task again and it should complete without issues. Hope it helps.

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