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One of the important characteristics of a good blog is it’s design. The challenge is to find the right balance of colors and features that makes the navigation across the site easier for the end user. As tempting it can get with all the funky themes in the market, it is important to have a stable and simple design for the blog theme. I have experimented with lot of themes in the past and realized that there is no “Perfect” theme for a site.

Some themes which are simple, fail when it comes to compatibility with plugins and features that they offer for integration with other platforms. While some feature-rich themes make the site slower and have a bigger size which slows down the response time of the site. Of course there are premium themes which come with developer support where you can get it customized according to your requirement but all that comes with a cost. I’m only talking about the free themes that are developed by folks on community and are available on wordpress.org.

I have finally decided to go with a simple theme which will have enough features for me to blog and integrate with the required plugins. Also, I have reduced the number of plugins to make sure I don’t load up the website with all the junky features that will slow it down. There are so many plugins available for wordpress, they either make your site faster or slower. So make sure you choose the right ones. There is a plugin which actually tells which plugins are slowing down your site Smile with tongue out. I have spent countless hours on wordpress and hundreds of permutations and combinations to get to this point. hopefully this theme does not give me trouble and makes it easier for the end users to reach and navigate across the blog.

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Thanks to Themegrill for this wonderful free theme. Will definitely buy the premium version of it if I need any add-on features. Also, I recommend it to other who are looking for a simple yet powerful theme.

So, that being said, let me know what you guys think. Any feedback is welcome. Happy reading Smile:)

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  1. Nice theme I’m fairly new to blogging on WordPress, can I ask do you use WordPress.com or .org as if that theme is on .com I might check it out. I currently use a free theme Hemingway rewritten

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