Naruto – More than a decade of awesomeness

This is my first ever non-technical post on this blog and I’m glad that its is about one of my favorite anime.

It was back in engineering, when one of my friends walked up to me and asked if I watch Naruto. I asked her what it was as it sounded like an unusual name for a cartoon or even a TV show. That is when I learnt about anime and how it is different from normal cartoon. And for some reason so many people were hooked on to it and it made me wonder what made it so good.

I got some episodes from the same friend and started watching them. It took less than 10 episodes for me to be impressed by the show.  Though the story revolved around naruto, the focus wasn’t just on his character but there were hundreds of others who were better. This changed the whole concept of a TV show or a cartoon i ever watched. Every character had their own strengths and weaknesses.

And till this day i have not missed a single episode of it. It is not just a random anime which had a bunch of people who fought against evil while there were other set of ones who belonged to the dark side. It is a brilliantly written story line which talks about emotions like love, hate and many other shades of them. Imagine if you have to sell a story involving ninjas to people in 2010. The author has done it effortlessly.

It was finally announced that Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto has decided to end the anime after more than 14 years (1999 – 2014). I have enjoyed watching it for more than 7 years now and it is brilliant and also one of the best selling manga series with more than 135 million sales. Thanks to Naruto I now know lot of japnese words and also can sing/hum most of its soundtracks ;)

I have definitely loved the show and wouldn’t mind watching it all over from starting again. All I would like to say to the creator for giving us all a great anime is

Arigatou gozaimasu :)

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