vPirate now on Planet V12n


I just received information that my blog vPirate.in has been added to Planet V12n. All the posts that are published on the blog will also appear on the Planet V12n page.

This means that you can read all my blog posts along with many of the virtualization’s best blogs on planet V12n.


About Planet V12n

Keep up with the global virtualization conversation with Planet V12n, where we collect the latest posts from the best virtualization blogs.



It’s a great news that my blog posts will be shown on the page along with many of the VMware’s best bloggers’ posts.

I would like to thank VMTN team for giving me this opportunity. Corey Romero who has supported all of us with the vExpert program, and also hundreds of fellow bloggers for inspiring me to create and publish useful and valuable content to my readers across the globe.

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