Upgrading from vCOPS 5.7.x to 5.8

vCOPS 5.8 was recently released with a lot of other products. In this blog post we will see the steps involved in upgrading from vCOPS 5.7.x to 5.8.

Download the vCOPS Upgrade PAK file fromĀ here

The PAK file is around 500Mb


Now login into your admin UI of vCOPS with administrator privileges so that you can perform the upgrade.

point your browser to http://<vcops-ip>/admin

Enter the credentials and login


Once you are in, navigate to the Update Tab. this is where you will upload your upgrade PAK file.

Click on browse button and point it to the file’s location.



Now you can click on Update button.


Once this is clicked the system will pop a warning saying that you cannot go back to the previous version once you click it and also that you better backup the appliance before you do this etc etc.

Click OK


This pops up an EULA. Accept the EULA and proceed.


This kicks off the up-gradation process.


And you will be logged out. Log back in to monitor the progress.



After a while the upgrade process completes. And Wola! you have upgraded to vCOPS 5.8.

Trust me its as simple as these steps.

Now logout and login to confirm the new version.



The upgrade from vCOPS 5.7.x to 5.8 is complete and successful

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  1. this link want user name and pass
    when i login with my account link is gray !!
    can you help me and download it for me
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